holly zijderveld

(she/her) is a writer currently based in the UK.
she is the editior in chief of journal of erato.

digitally published works


i wish you were here | celestite poetry, issue 1, page 27 (September 2021)
Haibun One - Devon 2021 | celestite poetry, issue 1, page 27 (September 2021)
don't be surprised | warning lines, Issue 2 - Echo (September 2021)
mirror | the madrigal, Issue 2 - Roots (May 2021)
make my heart drop | HOLYFLEA!, Issue 1 (May 2021)
the gift | Sledgehammer Lit (April 2021)
the girl i want to be | Inlandia Journal, Volume X (April 2020)


Pink | Paper Crane Journal (June, 2021)
Lover, I've waited forever to find you | Paper Crane Journal (June, 2021)
Clementine | Spillover Magazine, Issue 1 - Message (April 2021)
the water's dance and mine too | Southchild Lit, Issue 2 - The Fool (April 2021)
Ecdysis | Sledgehammer Lit (March 2021)


Girlbosses in Latex Suits: Women aren’t empowered by Western media | GENCONTROLZ, Issue 0 (August 2021)
Hometown | Sungamaged Mag (June 2021)
Lindsay Lohan Was My Childhood Hero | The Daily Drunk Mag (March 2021)

a collection of my articles for different websites/magazines can be found here

print published works


love as a potato | tattiezine, Issue 1 (June 2021)
mirror | the madrigal, Issue 2 - Roots (May 2021)


Skin | Crunch Ion August Review (forthcoming)


blog writer at GENCONTROLZ (from Summer 2021)
content editor at the winnow magazine (from Spring 2021)
blog writer at Ice Lolly Review (from Spring 2021)
guest reader at Wrongdoing Magazine (Spring 2021)

journal of erato

journal of erato is an online publication, publishing art of all kinds, but mainly revolving around the theme of love.

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